Our training program is organized into courses. All the courses are interactive and teacher coached courses, where each individual student get personal help to learn and practice the offered skills.There are three levels of complexity:

  • Novice courses are intended for those who want to familiarize themselves with the major fields and topics of bioinformatics. These courses help you to understand the scope and field of bioinformatics analysis, and can help to understand the underlying challenges. These courses are recommended as entry points into the magic world of biological data analysis and bioinformatics.
  • Intermediate courses provide you solid theoretical background on selected narrow fields of bioinformatics. These courses are designed so that you can participate without previous knowledge on programming, but they require some background knowledge about the biology behind them. These courses require independent work with (free) software installed on your own computer to solve the presented challenges and problems.
  • Advanced courses are designed for those who want to learn and do even more! Most of these courses require some knowledge on computer coding and statistics, besides some understanding of the studied biological concepts. Sessions about the theories, coding sessions, and advanced statistical analysis are the most important components of these courses.
  • Crash courses are designed that they cover focused topics in a short time. These courses cover a single topic in depth, and they provide practical skills using usually web services.

The courses are available from the Moodle pages of Bioinformatics Academy.